Johnson County
Housing Coalition
Welcome to the Johnson County Housing Coalition's home on
the Internet. At our site you'll find some history about our the
Coalition and staff as well as useful information for housing
issues in Johnson County, Kansas. Make sure to check out the
"Contact Us" page so that we may help you personally.
Being home means being someone's neighbor.
Showing respect for others usually gets respect in return
Privacy Policy
If you are looking for a place to rent please click here for a list of options for the
Kansas City and Johnson County Metro area.
Our Programs:
Affordable Housing
Crime Free Housing Lease Addendum
Johnson County Housing Coalition
913 390-0413
913 390-0358
Poplar Place Apartments
1-2 Bedrooms, laundry facilities on site.
Onsite BBQ grills and picnic tables
403 W Poplar St, Olathe, KS 66061
Katie Quigley (913) 390-0413
We are a private non-profit.
We are not a government agency.
We DO NOT provide income-based housing or provide public housing
(for income based housing properties look here.)
We DO NOT provide financial assistance for rent or other expenses.
(for financial help and other assistance check these sites)
Catholic Community Services
      Kansas SRS
If you think you need legal assistance, start by looking at the Kansas Tenant Landlord Act
information. (Click here) .
Due to funding cuts the Housing Coalition may not be able to
provide answers to questions concerning special needs
housing, Section-8 subsidy or Johnson County Programs. We
encourage you to contact the following agencies:
Johnson County Human Services and Aging:  
Johnson County Housing Authority - Assistance